General Header Settings

Here are all necessary customization settings, Which is applied on all header layout.

Theme Settings:

  • Go admin Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings > Click on Header Settings tab.
  • You see the Header General Settings tab. Then click on the tab.
After that, you can get Three initial settings
  1. Upload Logo: You can upload your site brand logo. If you don’t upload any logo in header logo position will show site name and site description.
  2. Header Top Menus: You can hide or show header top right menu section from here (short menu, search, popup menu)
  3. Menu animation: You can set main menu animation for show or hiding the drop-down menus. Here are five types of menu animation you can select one of them.
  4. Link social profile: You can set your social profile link for the visitor to connect with your social page.
  5. Header Special MenuHere you can set special menu item for header top section.
  6. Button LabelHeader special button name for header section.
  7. Button LinkHeader special button link.

To save all setting Click on Save Changes button.