404 (error) Page Settings

Here are all settings of 404 page, Which is applied on a page where an “HTTP 404: Not Found” error occurs shows.

Page Preview:

404 settings

Here are four initial settings to show the 404-page properly.

Theme Settings:

  • Go admin Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings > Click on General Tab.
  • You see the 404-page tab. Then click on the tab.
  1. Upload Background: Here you upload page background image.
  2. Upload Page Logo: Here you upload error logo.
  3. Show Search Box: By this option, you can show or hide the search box.
  4. Select a Page: This setting is for link a page beside home page button.

Customizer Settings:

Note: You can setup 404 page settings by clicking WP selective refresh icon.

To save all setting Click on Save Changes button.