Global Typography Settings

Here are all typography settings, Which is applied to this theme.

Typography Theme Settings:

  • Go admin Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings > Click on Typography Settings Tab.
  1. Body Font: This option for setup body font for the whole website.
  2. Page and Post-Page Title: This option for setup font settings for general page and post preview page.
  3. Menu Font Family: Here is font setup for the menu.
  4. Block quote content: Font setup for Block Quote.
  5. Heading h1 Font:  Font setup for H1 ( Heading One).
  6. Heading h2 Font:  Font setup for H2 ( Heading Two).
  7. Heading h3 Font:  Font setup for H3 ( Heading Three).
  8. Heading h4 Font:  Font setup for H4 ( Heading Four).
  9. Heading h5 Font:  Font setup for H5 ( Heading Five).
  10. Heading h6 Font:  Font setup for H6 ( Heading Six).

Here are many fields for each option. All google font is available here.

  • Font face:  Search or select font family with a name in this field.
  • Style: Select one font style – Ex. Italic, Latin, Normal etc. (Which are available ).
  • Weight: Font weight for the font family. (Which are available ).
  • Size: Font size.
  • Line height: Font line height.
  • Spacing: Letter Spacing this font family.
  • Color: You can set font color by this field.

Customizer Preview:

To save all setting Click on Save Changes button.