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Here are all others necessary settings for this theme.

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Here are seven initial settings for this theme.

Theme Settings:

  • Go admin Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Settings > Click on General Tab.
  • You see the Other Settings tab. Then click on the tab.
  1. Site Preloader: Here is site preloader , if you want to show pre-loader on your site you can turn it on.
  2. Search From: This option is for search form query type, if you want to search only from post switch it Post Only else want to show search from everywhere make it default.
  3. Image loading effect: You can turn on or off image loading effect from here.
  4. Select Effect Type: Here it is image loading effect. here are two option
    (1). Blur effect – This effect make a blur effect until fully load the image.
    (2). Loader – You can set custom loader effect for image loading.
  5. Social share button: Here you can setup social share button for share link in social sites.
  6. Custom CSS Code:  This is custom CSS field for write any custom CSS if you need.
  7. Custom JS Code: This is custom JS field for write any custom JS code if you need.

Customizer Preview:

To save all setting Click on Save Changes button.