Global Page Settings

Here are all page settings, Which is applied on all pages.

  1. General page Layout:  Single page layout Setting for all post preview page.
    • Left-Sidebar: Select this option to make sidebar left position.
    • Right-Sidebar: Select this option to make sidebar right position.
    • Full-Width: Select this option to make the page full width and hide the sidebar.
  2. Select full-width column: To set page width column size. You can set maximum 12 column and minimum 8 column ( Note: This option is work on only when you select full-width as page layout )
  3. Show Category: show or hiding single post page category name section.
  4. Show title: This option for hiding or show page title on the top position of page content.
  5. Social share link: This option for hiding or show social share link on all pages.  (How to set social share link Click here )

Theme setting preview

Customizer Preview

To save all setting Click on Save Changes button.